Our Mission at Silbatone Acoustics

The goal of Silbatone Acoustics is to recreate the excitement and listening pleasure of great classic theater gear for the contemporary home listener. Although we are extreme enthusiasts of antique Western Electric Sound Systems and great old vacuum tube designs, and we feel that many lessons for today can be learned from studying our techological history, we do not stop at ancestor worship.

In our evaluation, based on decades of listening, Western Electric auditorium speakers of the 1930s remain the ultimate reference standard for musical reproduction. These field coil horn systems provide a experience of vivid realism and musical engagement that most modern attemps do not approach, although each year more manufacturers and hobbyists are seeing the light on this unorthodox truth. In a declining specialist industry, horn and field coil speakers are one of the few growth sectors...because many serious listeners have discovered that they are superior tools for listening!

However, such large scale horn systems present challenges to the user due to their unparalleled sensitivity (well over 110 dB/w) and their highly resolving character. We bring the highest level of forward-thinking tube engineering to bear on the problem of making such theater systems play at their best. Using unparalled materials quality and cost-blind manufacturing approaches, we take the best vintage tubes and build sophisticated equipment that can realize their deep potential.

We think that they were on the right track in the 1930s with technologies such as triode amplification and horn loudspeakers, but the geniuses at corporate laboratories such as Bell Labs who designed those classic tubes and cost-no-object theater systems would never know how good they could be. For one thing, they could never imagine the high quality source material we have today, let alone the high standards today's audiomaniacs have adopted. With hindsight, 100 years of collective experience, and modern science at our disposal, today we can finally realize the dream, past and present!