Reference 300 and JI300 Mk. III 'Silver Signature' Amplifiers


The Reference 300 is our flagship amplifier and, as the name implies, it is our in-house reference for excellent musical reproduction. Even though we have developed a number of amplifiers with higher price tags and even rarer tubes than vintage 300Bs, we cannot find any design that surpasses a WE 300B in this excellent implementation.

This amplifier was design from the ground up to showcase the 300B. The driver stages uses an excellent super-low distortion, directly coupled current feedback circuit so that you can really hear the pure sound of the Western Electric 300B, which is operated without any feedback. The R300 amplifier uses a remote controlled silver autoformer volume control and select European and American voltage amplifier tubes, ECC188 and Bendix 6900 in the premium package. The output transformer is an optimized version of our silver foil design, wound on a huge permalloy core.

The power supply for this amplifier contributes a great part of its' wonderful performance, a super low noise and very low impedance regulated design which you will find nowhere else, overbuilt with a massive power transformer for reliability and reasonably cool operation.

The construction and visual design of the Reference 300 are world-class to match its performance, built on a massive milled Swiss aluminum chassis that draws on a combination of precision CNC capabilities and skilled hand finishing that is difficult to find these days. An ingenious cooling system is integral to the design of the chassis. In sonic perfection, technical achievement, and visual beauty, the Reference 300 stands alone in the specialist marketplace.



JI300 MkIII 300B Integrated Amplifier

The remarkable success of the JI300 amplifier in the picky Korean high-end market has been very gratifying, with hundreds of units sold. Our amps are displayed next to and used with the most expensive and highly rated gear in the world. While far less expensive than many imported US and European products, our build quality is unsurpassed and musical performance is superior to the competition. Very few Silbatone units appear on the used market, a marker of long-term customer satisfaction.

An important departure from the previous JI300 line is our adoption of a Teflon circuit board in the Mk.III , which yields a considerable improvement in low level detail and enhances the smooth and lively sonic character of the design. The superior electrical characteristics of Teflon and the self-damping mechanical qualities of this material deserve more exposure, although at 10x the price of highest-grade epoxy boards they are cost-prohibitive for most manufacturers. The sonic difference is substantial and worth the high cost.

We understand that the power supply is the heart of the amplifier and this aspect was substantially upgraded in the Mk.III version, including an enhanced passive cooling system initially developed for the Reference 300 Amplifier. The JI series output transformer is the latest enhancement of our exclusive "Semi-Silver" foil design on a high-mu nickel core. Volume control is a broadcast grade Tokyo Ko-on stepped attenuator

With the JI300 Mk.III, we have made great progress in closing the performance gap between our standard line and our flagship Reference 300 Amplifier. We are even more confident that the JI series provides the highest level of performance and value on the market today.

As with other Silbatone amplifiers, the Mk.III is CNC milled from aluminum billet, designed to address both visual aesthetics and functional considerations, such as shielding, cooling, and vibration control. The benefits of our solid, non-resonant chassis are immediately audible compared with the cheap sheet metal structures employed by most manufacturers. No screws or fasteners are visible on the outside of any Silbatone chassis. Fit and finish are impeccable, the result of careful hand detailing and flawless precision machining.

Our 300B amplifiers are often demonstrated with and sold with modern loudspeakers that are not usually considered candidates for low-powered tube amplification, including Wilson Watt/Puppy and Kharma models. High-tech power supply topologies and low-loss, high bandwidth output transformers contribute to the otherworldly drive capability of our amplifiers, an aspect of Silbatone performance that must be experienced to be believed!

With the JI300 Mk.III amplifier, we feel that the Silbatone advantage has been greatly enhanced. Previous versions were regarded as the finest integrated amplifiers ever manufactured and our newest model takes that tradition of performance to a new level.