RP300 300B Amplifier

While not the most fancy or exotic amplifiers Silbatone has produced, the JI-300 and R-300 series have always been among our favorites due to the unexcelled musical performance of a single Western Electric 300B in a well-optimized circuit. It is tremendous fun to explore the world of tubes, but it is always nice to come home to the 300B.

The RP-100 Amplifier takes our house recipe one step further, with results that surprised and delighted us. A new current feedback driver topology using a silver-wired interstage transformer, a select NOS 12AY7/6021, and a Bendix 6900 is directly-coupled all the way through to the 300B grid. Low distortion with big drive! There are no caps, only silver litz wire and tubes in the signal path. The output transformer is a monster version of our semi-silver foil output, built on an insanely large EI-114 75% nickel core. The power supply was also enhanced with an even bigger, low resistance transformer for maximum current delivery on demand.

When we first auditioned this recent chapter in Silbatone 300B amplifier development, we were shocked by the sense of massive power the 300B power stage developed! Bass is fast, detailed, and very deep. The amp presented all of the harmonic rightness and quality of timbre that we expect from a 300b, with even more dynamic control and resolution. From the first few notes, we knew that we had entered a revolutionary new phase of our long love affair with this classic Western Electric tube.

The Silbatone RP-300 Amplifier will be a revelation for newcomers to the 300B and old hands alike. If you want to experience the highest level of performance available anywhere in a medium-power single triode amp, you must audition the RP-300!

RI25 DA100 Amplifier

At Silbatone, we understand that the first step in designing for superior audio is to select the best tubes for our products. Our new RI-25 Integrated amp is an extreme case, using insanely rare and expensive Siemens Ed and DA100 power triodes that are legendary for their performance. Most audiophiles and vintage collectors never get to see these items, let alone listen to them. We had to dig very deeply into our treasured vintage tube collection to produce this extraordinary limited edition amplifier.

The all-triode RI-25 uses Western Electric 437A voltage amplifiers, the legendary German Ed low mu triode as a driver, and the British DA100 for output tubes. The Siemens Ed is similar to a 2A3 but considered far superior by many listeners. The DA100 is roughly equivalent to the common 845 but it has a flavor all its own. Today these historical triodes are collectors’ items, the rarest of the rare, but they deserve to be heard and enjoyed

When listening to the RI-25 amplifier, one is immediately impressed by the special musical character this instrument offers. It is a high powered single-ended implementation but it exhibits delicacy and detail on par with the most sophisticated low-power triode amps--a very colorful and emotional presentation, yet precise and well-controlled. We never heard anything else like the tasty sound of the RI-25 and we consider it to be a highly successful advanced experiment in the possibilities of tube amplification. Production of the RI-25 will be limited to 10 pieces.


A242 and A845
Mono Power Amplifiers

We are very vocal about our enjoyment of the 300B tube, but often more power is required to make the best of certain rooms and speaker preferences. Our new Silbatone A845 amplifier provides an optimized solution to these challenges, using transmitting triodes to reach the 20 watt range without compromising the technical and performance aesthetics of single ended triode amplification.

The A845 is a single ended triode power amplifier that can accept various 4 pin RCA 845 and 211 type power tubes, including Western Electric 211, 284D, 264, and 242C. The direct coupled, choke-loaded driver stages use an exotic WE 437A voltage amplifier and your choice of 10Y, VT-25, 252A or 275A triodes to excite the grids of the power triodes. Our innovative configuration of stacked positive ground power supplies allows for easy flexibility in tube choice. With no coupling capacitors, it is as close as you can get to hearing tubes alone! A WE 422A rectifier is used as a PSU filter tuning device and a controlled turn-on element for the HV supply.

The limited-edition Silbatone A242C is a specialized version of the A845 amplifier optimized for Western Electric 242-C tubes, using a 437A input tube and a ceramic base WE VT-25A driver. The rare WE242-C is probably the finest 211 family tube ever produced and one of the best sounding large triodes in our experience.

It is nice to have an amp that will allow us to showcase rare and expensive vintage tubes from our collection. We made a sincere effort to employ the best materials and most thoughtful electronic designs in the industry, to create a once in a lifetime high-power SE triode amplifier.

The sonic character of the A845 amplifier depends very much on tube selections but the basic flavor of the unit is a colorful, natural, dynamic, and huge presentation that is a joy to experience. We are sure that tube lovers will appreciate what our big amplifier can do and we invite you to explore the world of large triodes with us!