Silbatone Silver Foil Transformers

One of the elements that set Silbatone equipment apart from the rest is our unique in-house developed and wound silver foil transformers. The mode of operation of these transformers is entirely different from standard wire coil designs, offering extended bandwidth without peaky resonances and significantly improved efficiency. We employ various exotic core materials, including finemet and permalloy and pure silver, alloy, or copper wire depending on application.

These transformers are a major reason that Silbatone amplifiers do not sound like typical vacuum tube amplifiers and even our low power single ended models have tremendous dynamics, detail, and drive capability.


World-Class Vintage Tube Stash

It stands to reason that the best tube audio gear must be built using the best tubes. Most high-end manufacturers rely on current production tubes from Eastern Europe, Russia, and China. Since Silbatone is not a mass manufacurer and we are reaching a bit higher, our production is based on selected NOS tubes from top American and European manufacturers, including rare Western Electric, Bendix, Telefunken, and RCA specimens.


We take particular pleasure in creating limited-edition pieces that showcase tubes that are seldom seen and rarely enjoyed, such as Osram DA100, scarce Western Electric power triodes, ancient Siemens triodes, and the like. Most collectors never use their rare tubes but we believe that life is short and such treasures are to be enjoyed!

Playing rare tubes for the public is part of our educational outreach effort. Here's s video from a recent Munich HighEnd show featuring very scarce, early "engraved" WE 300A triodes and a WE 16A horn from 1928!